Reinstatement Cost Assessments

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Reinstatement Cost Assessments

What we do

Reinstatement Cost Assessments - We are able to advise building owners on the sum required for insurance purposes, taking into account the nature of the building, location and any other significant factors which affect rebuilding value. A realistic reinstatement cost assessment is essential to avoid being under-insured but can also be part of a strategy to manage costs and achieve savings where sums insured are excessive.

Our approach

We undertake an inspection of each property to be insured in order to understand the particular issues relating to the building, restrictions on access, location and complexity of services etc.

  • Our understanding of rebuilding costs and the impact of local conditions and restrictions means we can be confident our assessment will adequately cover the costs of rebuilding the property, whilst avoiding inflating the valuation thereby incurring unnecessarily high premiums.
  • Our knowledge of listed buildings and conservation areas means we can factor these additional costs into our valuations.
  • Our knowledge of leases assists us to identify which tenant alterations become part of the premises and should be included within the valuation for insurance purposes.
  • We are experienced in undertaking portfolio evaluations containing properties spread throughout the UK.

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