Project Management


Bespoke services for your organisation to reduce cost and maximise project efficiency

Our specialist project management team have the knowledge and experience to meet complex challenges in construction, property development, fit-out, refurbishment and relocation projects for your business.

Why Set Square?

Set Square know that maximum return on investment, efficient delivery and minimised risk are key priorities. Our team of project managers have extensive experience in assisting clients to navigate through current economic challenges by consistently delivering results within agreed timeframes and to our clients’ budget expectations.

Our advice and expertise typically leads to significant overall project cost savings and our aim is to deliver increased cost and programme certainty to our clients in order to protect their interests.

We work collaboratively with our clients, focusing on understanding and anticipating their needs throughout the project whilst actively seeking-out best value through our tried and tested network of contractors and industry-leading consultants.

Our Services


We provide a full range practical project management services, including:

  • Project specification and management
  • Space planning
  • Fit-out design and specification
  • Risk profiling
  • Services specification and procurement
  • Project tender and management
  • Contractor approval and monitoring
  • Relocation planning and move management
  • Due diligence of sites/acquisitions
  • Maintenance and building lifecycle planning

Related Services

By looking strategically at the resources and functions of your organisation Set Square can improve the way you work whilst maximising the efficiency of your estate portfolio to deliver tangible benefits and savings.

Estates optimisation can be used as a tool to enhance employee performance and drive commercial success.

Our Workplace Consultancy and Space Planning teams work with you to provide innovative, creative and flexible office design and layout solutions to enhance employee satisfaction, increase productivity and minimise occupational cost.

Why work with us

Set Square have vast experience in working with companies of all sizes and sectors who are looking to:

  • Consolidate and rationalise their portfolio
  • Downsizing or expansion
  • Relocation
  • Increasing workplace efficiencies and flexibility
  • Reducing running costs
  • Enhancing productivity and employee engagement

Our Services

  • Space utilisation and efficiency analysis
  • Space and storage rationalisation
  • Building appraisals
  • Space planning proposals
  • Design management
  • Project and programme management
  • Exit strategy

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