Ergonomic Solutions Ltd

Ergonomic Solutions is the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced mounting and security solutions for a wide range of static and mobile technology hardware. Their SpacePole product line can be seen at the point of sale in many of the most well-known stores on the high street, today. Their thriving and growing business needed more space and they came to Set Square after they had found a new location but were unhappy with the initial design and costings for the fit out of the space. We were happy to step in and help but with the range of services we offer were also able to advise them on how to operate their lease break and help them negotiate the dilapidations claim on the property they were exiting.

The new unit required significant alterations including the installation of a new steel mezzanine floor in order to maximise office space for the increasing numbers of staff. The office move needed to be completed in readiness for the international board members who were meeting at the new premises a week later!


Critically, Ergonomic Solutions had to break their existing lease early and comply with the break covenants otherwise they would have to pay rent for the rest of the term (a remaining five years), whilst simultaneously paying for the 10 year lease on the new unit.

Once the new office unit was selected, Set Square helped co-ordinate the project and organised the design phase, tender procedure and gave instruction to the best value tenderer to implement the required building work. Paragon Contracts Ltd were awarded the contract.  In just two and half months, the unit was ready for the client and the move took place over a weekend with no disruption to business come Monday morning.

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Set Square Surveyors then completed the dilapidations work within one month in order to break the lease on time and avoid extra costs.

“Time and budget were very important on this project. We were pleased to hit the client’s deadlines, bring the works in on budget and, importantly, ensure no extra penalty costs were incurred” said Laurence Stech from Set Square Surveyors.  “I really enjoyed working with this team. We had a quality contractor and we all worked hard to ensure there was no disruption to the business”.

“This was a challenging project from the outset and Set Square maintained excellent communications throughout.  This coupled with their expertise, excellent relationship with the contractors and determination to make it happen enabled us to meet our objectives.  We would use them again!” Chris Davis, Non-Executive Director Ergonomic Solutions Ltd.

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