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No fee preliminary Party Wall advice

Don’t leave it too late to obtain expert advice on how proposed construction work may affect you or your neighbours and how to protect your property, minimise costs and avoid delays. Contact us for a free telephone consultation with our specialist Party Wall Surveyor Team on how we can safe guard your interests.

What We Do

Our specialist Party Wall Surveyors are experienced in acting on behalf of Building Owners, Adjoining Owners and as Agreed Surveyor. We are also able to accept appointments as Third Surveyor. In addition we are able to prepare licences for crane oversailing and scaffolding and also work closely with specialist surveyors to assess rights of light issues.

Our Approach

Our Party Wall Surveyors are experienced in:

  • Protecting the interests of their appointing owner whilst maintaining a fair and impartial approach.
  • Understanding the importance of timely service of notices on all required parties to ensure there are no unforeseen delays to the building works.
  • Understand the need to record accurately the condition of all adjoining buildings so that any deterioration can be analysed and the causes determined.
  • Identify issues which may affect the satisfactory completion of the works or the way in which it is executed and make appropriate provisions within the Award.
  • Identify the requirement for additional agreements relating to oversailing of cranes, scaffolding and access to land for the purpose of completing works.
  • Providing advice to design teams at an early stage to minimise costs and redesign.