Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management at the Grosvenor Hotel

Maintenance Management at the Grosvenor Hotel

What We Do

Maintenance Management – Starting with the need to accurately identify the list of assets within the building, we are able to develop a planned maintenance programme which meets the operational requirements of the user, minimises downtime as a result of failure and extracts best value from the building fabric and services.

Our Approach

Using only the most experienced surveyors to lead our planned maintenance teams, we co-ordinate professionals from all disciplines in order to provide a realistic assessment of future maintenance requirements:

  • We adapt our approach to reflect the specific needs of occupiers, for instance where disruption to normal occupancy is critical to the user.
  • Our forward maintenance plans assist in the development of realistic service charge budgets and assist in identifying future expenditure.
  • Planned maintenance can be used to ensure compliance with lease obligations and statutory requirements.
  • Maintenance works can be co-ordinated to ensure works are correctly phased and grouped in order to provide best value for money and avoid conflict and unnecessary rework.

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