Dilapidations Experts – Set Square Surveyors for Commercial Property

Dilapidations Experts – Set Square Surveyors for Commercial Property

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Early strategic planning pays dividends and considerably improves the end result whether you are Landlord or Tenant. Contact us for a free telephone consultation with our specialist Dilapidations Team on how we work to get the very best result for you.

What We Do
Our experienced dilapidations teams offer niche services focusing on persuing claims on behalf of Landlords and defending claims on behalf of Tenants. In each case we adopt a professional and impartial position in accordance with the spirit of the Property Litigation Association’s protocol for Terminal Dilapidations, whilst protecting the interests of our appointing client.

Our Approach

When acting for Tenants we:

  • Like to become involved well in advance of any break or termination date in order to strategically manage the exit from the premises.
  • Actively explore all potential avenues for achieving a satisfactory settlement of the claim including either cash in lieu of works, specific performance of covenants or a mixture of both.
  • We undertake investigations to identify the Landlord’s intentions and analyse this information for its impact on the Tenant’s liability.
  • We are experienced in carrying out dilapidations works in order to discharge Tenant’s liabilities under leases and in particular meeting the quality requirements envisaged by the parties at commencement of the term.
  • Where negotiating cash in lieu of works, we have up to date and accurate costs of most items of work from our extensive database of past projects.
  • Where necessary we can bring in specialist evaluation advice in order to support a defence under s.18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

When acting for the Landlord

  • We develop a strategy for the claim based on the Landlord’s intentions and future plans for the premises.
  • We are experienced in carrying out works on behalf of the Landlord in order to mitigate losses and to help attract a new tenant for the new premises.
  • We have access to accurate and reliable rates for building works from our database of previous projects in order to support claims for financial settlement.
  • We pay particular attention to assembling a comprehensive claim file demonstrating the adoption of a fair and transparent approach in full compliance with the PLA Protocol, thereby increasing the chances of a successful claim in law.
  • Our experts are credible expert witnesses should legal action be required to recover losses sustained by the Landlord.